We are innovators, engineers, medical coding experts & healthcare executives committed to improving the patient experience & improving healthcare performance.
Revenue Cycle Management

Trigger the Right Actions

Leveraging process engineering disciplines, machine learning and block chain our software and services framework allow our clients to make better decisions to improve revenue and reduce compliance risks.
Revenue Cycle Management

Transact Easily

We help you to acquire, distribute and make patient information, clinical chart histories, coding data and billing information actionable for your teams.
Revenue Cycle Management

Connect Meaningfully

Getting paid accurately and timely for the care you deliver requires a whole host of team members. We provide software & services that help you join together and empower these teams to achieve best-in-class results.
Medical Billing Company

Management Team

Revenue Cycle Management

Doug Ingram



Revenue Cycle Management

Jessica Schlapper-Spiering

Vice President, Coding & Compliance


Revenue Cycle Management

Chris Ragland

Vice President, Implementations & Customer Success


Revenue Cycle Management

Scott Burkett

Vice President, Technology


improve medical coding and billing

Don't Burn Money, Make Sure You Get Paid for the Care You Deliver

QueueLogix provides medical coding, billing and compliance solutions for healthcare operators. We exist to ensure you get paid accurately and compliantly for the care you deliver.

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Blockchain & It’s Implications in the Medical Coding World

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