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Our Practice Review Includes:

Whether your healthcare operation spans multiple hospitals or is in a single office, QueueLogix is in the business of helping healthcare operators get paid for the care they deliver.  During our practice review we will review several areas, including:

Medical Coding

We will review current medical coding outcomes, including E&M assigment, procedures, modifiers and diagnosis codes where appropriate.  We find that many times healthcare operators are delivering care at levels higher than they are reimbursed for.  We can tell you for sure.

Clinical Documentation

Part of our review process will include evaluating clinical documentation to provide feedback on opportunities or areas that could be improved for your team.  These reviews are instructive and allow the QueueLogix team to consult with prospective customers.  Past reviews have identified incorrect EMR setups that were causing signficant revenue leakage as well as gaps in procedure and signature documentation which meant patient services were going unbilled.

Pricing Strategies

We will do a summary comparison to advise if your pricing and charge master strategies appear consistent with what we see from other healthcare operators.  This can be a helpful quick check to see if further analysis is required and could be helpful in ensuring accurate reimbursement for your healthcare operation.

Medical Billing

We will provide a quick analysis on medical billing operations and look at key metrics such as time to bill, receivables management and denials management operations.

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