Our Approach

We exist to help healthcare operators get paid accurately and compliantly for the care they deliver.

At QueueLogix, our software, services and team members are focused on one thing, helping ensure healthcare operators get paid accurately and compliantly for the care they deliver. Our medical coding and medical billing are based on utilizing well-designed processes and technology to ensure the right outcome for you.

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Customized Medical Billing and Coding Solutions

Technological Innovation for Medical Coding and Billing

Our team brings innovative software solutions including our EventCare platform.  These solutions help to ensure the right process is followed at the right time resulting in accurate medical coding and accurate payment to our clients.

Customized Solutions for Healthcare Operators

Each healthcare operation is different and is characterized by different technologies, challenges, processes and goals. Our approach is predicated on problem solving with each customer to build the most flexible solution to support the goals of the organization.

Partnership that Delivers Real ROI and Results

Ensuring you get paid for the care you deliver is vitally important to your success as a provider or a larger healthcare operation.  We strive to partner with each client we serve.  This means listening, assisting, and collaborating to address today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

A Different Approach to Medical Coding and Medical Billing

EventCare: Our Proprietary Software

Our proprietary platform, EventCare, is a testament to our commitment to leading the industry into the future. By leveraging advancements in technology, including state-of-the-art workflow software and artificial intelligence, EventCare ensures each patient encounter is captured with precision, coded accurately, and submitted for reimbursement without errors.

Process: A Blend of Technology & Proficiency

Our approach isn’t just about integrating technology—it’s about harmonizing it with human proficiency. Many providers rely heavily on outdated manual processes, leaving them vulnerable to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. QueueLogix bridges this gap. Our seamless integration of tech advancements ensures optimal outcomes, making the complex simple.

Customization at It's Core

Understanding that each healthcare provider’s needs can differ vastly, we have embedded customization at the very heart of our approach. Whether you’re seeking assistance solely with medical coding or a combination of coding and billing, we tailor our solutions to align perfectly with your requirements.

Client-Centric: Collaboration for Success

We understand that the world of medical billing and coding isn’t just about numbers—it’s about people. That’s why we emphasize a collaborative approach. By connecting healthcare operators, clinicians, insurers, and our expert team, we ensure transparent, timely, and efficient operations, leading to satisfied clients and patients. Check out the mission of QueueLogix to learn more about the values and principles that are critically important to us. 



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Don't Burn Money, Make Sure You Get Paid for the Care You Deliver

QueueLogix provides medical coding, billing and compliance solutions for healthcare operators. We exist to ensure you get paid accurately and compliantly for the care you deliver.

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