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We assist healthcare enterprises to generate high performing processes through expert technology and personnel.

Medical Billing Company

Medical Coding Services

QueueLogix provides our clients the ability to outsource some or all of their medical coding needs. Our customers receive high performing, compliant medical coding services billed on a per encounter basis.

compliance monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

For organizations wishing to institute a proper compliance oversight program we can help. QueueLogix through a mixture of software and services can implement a comprehensive program that helps to ensure accurate reimbursement while also creating a feedback loop for the organization that will benefit clinicians, coders and the broader care delivery team.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare operators are presented with multiple challenges in today’s landscape of revenue cycle operations. QueueLogix operates as a strategic partner helping to link an organization’s clinical practices and processes with our team’s knowledge of Medical Billing and Coding Solutions to yield real gains in process efficiency and reimbursement outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

Innovation & Development Services

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision have the ability to dramatically impact legacy processes and improve economics for healthcare operators. QueueLogix can participate as an innovation partner for your organization helping ensure today’s technologies are properly leveraged to help your organization achieve it’s strategic objectives.

improve medical coding and billing

Don't Burn Money, Make Sure You Get Paid for the Care You Deliver

QueueLogix provides medical coding, billing and compliance solutions for healthcare operators. We exist to ensure you get paid accurately and compliantly for the care you deliver.

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