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We make sure healthcare operators get paid accurately and compliantly for the care they deliver.

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QueueLogix is purpose built to help healthcare operators get paid quickly, accurately and compliantly.  We handle all aspects of medical billing including patient data capture, medical coding, medical billing, credentialing, denials management and tracking and following up on aged receivables.  We use advanced technology coupled with great people to deliver for you. Our solutions are both cost effective and impactful, helping you collect more while lowering your overall cost. Talk to us today and let us show you how we can help.

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Fully Outsourced RCM

Our team will handle all your medical billing and RCM needs.  You get more than a service, you get a team of professionals dedicated to helping your healthcare operation succeed.  From certified medical coders to expert billing professionals and even a patient call center, QueueLogix has you covered.

Increase Revenue

Through proper patient data capture, medical coding, accurate claim creation and thorough followup our team ensures you are paid correctly and on-time.  Our customers typically recognize significant ROI through the QueueLogix processes while streamlining their operations.

Improve Outcomes

High quality medical billing services improve revenue accuracy, cash flow and also allow healthcare operators to focus on their patients.  Let QueueLogix manage the complexities of coding, compliance, denials and ever changing payer guidelines while you focus on patient care.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Our medical billing services are priced based on a percentage of what we collect for you.  This means we only get paid when we are able to collect on your behalf, that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.  Our percentage of collection fees are based on the specialty as well as your average projectly monthly collections.   In general, our fees will range from 2.49% to 5.99% monthly.  Healthcare operators appreciate that QueueLogix’s Medical Billing services are variable expenses, meaning you only pay for the exact capability you need.  Instead of having fixed overheads, salaries, technology systems and other costs,  you get to only spend on the billing function when it relates directly to revenue for your operation.

What Services are Included in Your Medical Billing?

QueueLogix prides itself on being flexible with each client based on their needs. Medical billing experts are expertise in physician billing process, policies, and regulations, including physician billing codes, emergency department billing, and reimbursement. In most instances, healthcare clients whom wish to hire us for medical billing want to have the entire function handled by our team. This means that our team will handle and provide –

(a.) patient data capture and systems integration;
(b.) all billing software systems required;
(c.) medical coding;
(d.) compliance services;
(e.) clinical documentation improvement education;
(f.) claim creation;
(g.) claim monitoring; (h.) denials management;
(i.) patient payment followup services;
(j.) analytics and reporting;
(k.) account management services.

What Makes QueueLogix Unique ?

The QueueLogix Medical Billing services provided are unique to the market for many reasons.  A significant item that separates QueueLogix is our focused on utilizing advanced technology to ensure we can deliver the most efficient, cost effective and impactful medical billing services to our customers.  QueueLogix medical billing company offers flexible billing & collection options. Unlike other RCM and medical billing providers that use armies of staff for data entry and related tasks, our team utilizes advanced technology to help our customers drive the best results while also ensuring we can keep our pricing at a level that is best in the industry.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with QueueLogix fill out the form below.  We will then schedule a call or an online meeting where we can walk through the particulars of your healthcare operation and what you are seeking in a medical billing and RCM partner.  We look forward to talking with you soon!

A Different Approach to Medical Coding and Medical Billing


Average ROI for QueueLogix Solutions

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Don't Burn Money, Make Sure You Get Paid for the Care You Deliver

QueueLogix provides medical coding, billing and compliance solutions for healthcare operators. We exist to ensure you get paid accurately and compliantly for the care you deliver.

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