Medical Coding

We make sure healthcare operators get paid accurately and compliantly for the care they deliver.

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QueueLogix is purpose built to help healthcare operators get paid quickly, accurately and compliantly.  We offer a host of medical coding solutions that include full time, part time and on-demand coding services, as well as project based backlog coding services.  We also have the innovative LiveCode platform which combines artificial intelligence and business process management software to allow organizations to redefine and automate their processes and quality standards around medical coding.  Our solutions are both cost effective and impactful, helping you collect more while lowering your overall cost.  Talk to us today and let us show you how we can help.

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Outsourced Medical Coding

Seeking a partner that you can fully outsource your medical coding needs to?  Look no further than QueueLogix.  We integrate seamlessly with healthcare operators existing teams providing partnered assistance in the areas of medical coding and compliance services.  Our teams can work within the existing systems of the healthcare operation or we can provide easy integration and work inside our proprietary BPM software platform called EventCare.   EventCare provides robust reporting and also allows all medical coding to be seamlessly sent via FHIR, HL7 or other methods to the billing system of your choice.  If you’d like us to do the medical billing, no problem, we have you covered there too. 

Part Time & Back Log Assistance

Our medical coding teams can be deployed in fully outsourced models or can also be utilized to assist your operations on a part time basis.  Organizations also utilize QueueLogix’s expertise to help them in backlog scenarios or to help augment departments due to staffing shortages or challenges to hiring in a local market.  With the QueueLogix team you get dedicated personnel committed to ensuring your medical coding operations are handed properly and also that your organization gets reimbursed properly for the care delivered. 

LiveCode ( Autonomous Coding )

Looking to leverage new technologies to improve your medical coding operations? If the answer is yes then you should look at the LiveCode platform by QueueLogix.  Leveraging artificial intelligence, the LiveCode platform marries AI and business process management software to help healthcare organizations realize rapid gains in production capacity, accuracy and cost savings.  Schedule an online appointment via this form or contact us to learn more about how we implement LiveCode for healthcare operations and the benefits that can be realized.

Medical Coding
How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Our medical coding services are priced in a variety of configurations based on the needs of our clients.  The most common pricing mechanism is a per chart fee when the contract with our healthcare customer is a medical coding only services contract. Other configurations can include percentage and hourly models.  The best benefit of QueueLogix’s medical coding services are that they generally are self funding programs.  This means that hiring and outsourcing to QueueLogix generally creates reimbursement that is higher than the customer’s typically have realized resulting in a positive ROI and a self-funded coding program.  WIN-WIN. 

What is Required to Get Started?

QueueLogix is a medical coding company and very flexible in how we begin our ai medical coding services relationships with clients.  We recognize that each client has a myriad of systems, personnel and complexities that may exist in their healthcare operation. We want to be of service to the customers that choose us for their medical coding expertise.  This means that we recognize no matter how good the solution is if it is too complex to implement it just doesn’t make sense for our customers.  Some of our customer get started with us in very low-tech simple ways and others choose to have us build simple integrations into their EMR’s so we can provide comprehensive analytics and detail on our activities on their behalf.  No matter your infrastructure complexities our team is able to stay flexible to make it easy to get started with us.

What Specialties Do You Serve ?

Our team has a wide variety of experience across most of the service lines in the market today. Chances are if it involves healthcare and delivering care to patients, we’ve handled it before.  Just a few of the service lines that we handle include emergency medicine (both professional & facility), orthopedic, hospitalists, urgent care, and family practice among others. 

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with QueueLogix fill out the form below. We will then schedule a call or an online meeting where we can walk through the particulars of your healthcare operation and what you are seeking in a service provider.  We can also undertake a complimentary review which would help to show the impact our team can make for your healthcare operation.

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Don't Burn Money, Make Sure You Get Paid for the Care You Deliver

QueueLogix provides medical coding, billing and compliance solutions for healthcare operators. We exist to ensure you get paid accurately and compliantly for the care you deliver.

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