The Next Generation of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Getting the best out of your data doesn’t have to be complicated. With QueueLogix, leading health systems increase the efficiency of every transaction with a suite of cloud-based software and intelligent solutions. Downcodes, suspends, and lack of visibility between front and back office processes become problems of the past. With next-generation technology and streamlined revenue cycle solutions, organizations can focus on delivering quality care.

QueueLogix propels practices to conduct better assessments, create new competencies, and adopt processes with actionable data. Our team of strategists have developed a consultant model to support your care team with increased transparency driven by data insights. For companies that may already have coding, billing, and similar personnel in-house but wish to improve the infrastructure and process to drive their business to new heights, we offer a software-as-a-service licensing model.

Healthcare Admin

Our previous billing method involved having a care team member try to track down doctors with suspended charts to get sign-off for billing. The amount of time we saved by adding QueueLogix to our workflows has been a game-changer. We can email providers directly from the dashboard and track our progress.
Siloes between the front and back-office create numerous inefficiencies. QueueLogix transforms outdated RCM processes with next-generation technology to increase productivity and mission-critical communication.

Care Team Assistant

The visual aspects of LiveSuite allow us to quickly see our productivity in real-time. Having a graphic representation of the data increased our understanding of billable events and makes meetings more productive as well. We’re able to identify gaps and get the entire care team on the same page to tackle suspended charts and unclear codes.
When it comes to modern, compliant coding, QueueLogix drives efficiency with comprehensive dashboards and colorful graphics to improve transparency. With a reduction in delays, care teams are less frustrated and gain a sense of key financial metrics previously hidden within the data.


LiveReferral has transformed our organization. We’re now able to schedule patients with specialists during the visit, with minimal effort on my part. Our Care Team Assistant use LiveReferral to find a provider who is not only available when it’s most convenient for my patient, but one who is in-network and accepts their insurance.
QueueLogix offers Referral Management software in addition to complete billing and coding services. Our innovative approach to RCM keeps patients in-network and powers your practice to deliver comprehensive, long-term care.

Where Clerical and Clinical Unite

Our healthcare software and services connect back-office coding to frontline patient encounters to help shrink billing times, increase compliance and improve revenue cycles. Coding experts and clinical staff are connected in a highly orchestrated digital environment where productivity and profitability are paramount.